Recent Work

Proper Glue Duo -

Proper Glue Duo

February 2008
maintained by Proper Glue Duo

The Proper Glue Duo is a percussion duo comprised of Melanie S.T. Sehman and Steve Sehman, based in NYC.

John Fitz Rogers -

John Fitz Rogers

January 2008
maintained by Alison DeSantis

John Fitz Rogers is a composer and professor at the University of South Carolina School of Music.

Hausmann Quartet -

Hausmann Quartet

December 2007
maintained by Alison DeSantis

The Hausmann Quartet is a string quartet currently based in Kent, OH at Kent State University.

Kevin Dufford -

Kevin Dufford

October 2007
maintained by Alison DeSantis

Kevin Dufford is a percussionist based in Brooklyn, NY.

The site's layout is based around photographs of Kevin and an audio player that allows a visitor to listen to him play while finding out what he's up to.

Katie Dietz -

Katie Dietz

October 2007
maintained by Alison DeSantis

Katie Dietz is an actress, model, and voiceover artist based in Los Angeles.

I kept the design simple so it wouldn't compete with her great headshots. The simple design also helps make it easy to get a clear overview of what she has to offer.

Thelema Trio -

Thelema Trio

July 2007
maintained by Thelema Trio

The Thelema Trio is a piano, saxophone, and clarinet trio based in Belgium.

JACK Quartet -

JACK Quartet

March 2007
maintained by JACK Quartet

The JACK Quartet is a string quartet dedicated to new music. They needed a logo and website to differentiate their group from traditional string quartets.

Michael Barra Productions -

Michael Barra Productions

December 2006
maintained by Alison DeSantis *

Michael Barra Productions is a NYC-based film and theatre production company and general management firm. They needed a logo and website.

* Currently offline while Mike pursues other projects.

Meehan/ Perkins Duo -

Meehan/ Perkins Duo

September 2006
maintained by Meehan/ Perkins Duo

The Meehan/ Perkins Duo is a brand new percussion duo. They needed a logo and website to promote their work.

Alarm Will Sound -

Alarm Will Sound

May 2006
maintained by Alarm Will Sound

Alarm Will Sound is a 20-member new music orchestra based in NYC. They needed a redesign based on their existing logo.

Alison DeSantis, Stage Manager -

Alison DeSantis, Stage Manager

October 2005
maintained by Alison DeSantis

This is the other half of my own website - I'm also a stage manager.

Daphne Owers -

Daphne Owers

May 2005
maintained by Daphne Owers

Daphne Owers is an indie rock artist from New Zealand, now living in Berlin. This site promotes her solo work and her work with her band.

Dennis DeSantis -

Dennis DeSantis

February 2005
maintained by Dennis DeSantis

Dennis DeSantis is a composer and performer of electronic and acoustic music.

His site includes an easy-to-update blog and a Paypal store for buying scores.